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New Music by Qü!

Hey all thanks for being apart of this whole journey so I have a gift for you!

I will be releasing my new album "MUSE" on November 15th 2022, this will be the last project I release this year as I start ramping up for next year. MUSE is a pop/rap album featuring some really cool artist I have met over the past year @Caleb Taker, @Rozio and Jelani Harris check out there music as well! The album is about continuing your goals and finding out what's important to you whether its friend or love or just being successful. This seven track project is development over years since April 2021- Sept 2022 and finally ready to be heard. I always want to think my brother @GMTheProducer none of this would be made if not for him!

I bet your wondering about that gift haha. Well I didn't forget right now I have some MUSE man merch that was supposed to go out on tour to be given away. Well since that didn't happen I have it all for you! All I need is for you to make sure you are following one of my social media pages @quthemuse and just send me a dm with a screenshot this email. Only subscribers to is getting this email so this gift is for you!

Also.... I have just dropped the first song on the album "Old Friends" exclusively on Soundcloud

here's the link

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